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RED HARVEST Hybreed (Tape Version only 150 ex)

7.00 - On Sale

78 minutes of Total Industrial Metal / Dark Ambient / Doom...

Original version of 1996 for tape release (150 ex with Badges and stickers).

Hybreed is an outsider in the industrial music scene of the 90’s. It is also one of the most varied and atmospheric album RED HARVEST ever recorded.

SLOW END : « As if you had dipped TYPE O NEGATIVE in liquid nitrogen, made techno sing a monk-like lull rather than a minimalist one; frozed KILLING JOKE’s epic guitar, KILLING JOKE to start an holy war, Hybreed is nothing less than one of the most beautiful industrial album ever recorded, and most certainly the most beautiful album RED HARVEST has ever recorded.

However, it is difficult to speak of indus, or of metal, at this stage of evaporation, when only remains the pulse of the machine, it’s most mental, it’s most vital, undressed of all saturations and of its pathetics artefacts which condemned it to wander on the ground of the battlefield, among the rabid and decomposed flesh. Industrial seems also an empty term when only ring in the background the pulse of the war drums and of the twitching corpses ; when nothing else oozes from this bloody, brutal and downward coldwave.

Difficult in conclusion to speak of all of those things that seems futile and earthly when the noise of the machine gives away to the fluids flowing in the arteries. Hybreed is an album made of faith so it’s understood that everything is happening far, far away, and inside, closer and closer. »